China Stone Industry: Stone Imports Increased by 30% at Xiamen Haicang Port
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-04-02
Stone Imports in Xiamen

According to the statistics from Xiamen Haicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, at the first seven months of 2017, the bureau has inspected a total amount of 2.5965 million tons of imported stones, the value of 477 million USD, with an increase of 30.12% and 32.25% respectively. The total amount of imported stone continued to grow quickly, ranking first in the national imports of stone.


Among them, imported marbles reached 2.3001 million tons, the value of 417 million USD, with an increase of 31.02% and 33.65% respectively; Imported granites 296,400 tons, 57 million USD, with a decrease of 29.68% and 24.26% respectively. The volume and price rise simultaneously.

There are three major characteristics in the imports of stone in Haicang port. Firstly, the proportion of marble imported from Haicang port is larger than that of other kinds, which is 88.58% of the total. Secondly, the distribution of imported countries is further expanding. Among them, the marbles from Turkey takes up 64.75%. Thirdly, the comprehensive capacity of Haicang port has been further enhanced. The world's largest container ship has successfully docked at sea wharf. Bulk imports of stone dock at offshore Wharf. The development of large-scale ship transportation is accelerated accordingly.